Monday, July 30, 2007

Our next opening First Friday August 3, 2007

In My Garden
Images by Barbara J. Ellison

My showing of work entitled “In My Garden” begins with flowers grown this past year at my home in Virginia. Working with two of my loves, gardening and imaging,
I began the process of interpreting the flowers in various forms. The images are printed on medias including rice paper and textured handmade fiber papers.

From one image, I created various pieces to show the different ways in which a flower can be envisioned. My collection includes black and white prints as well as hand colored pastel images. Utilizing various shapes and sizes coincides with the diverse shapes of the flower subjects. This show is the beginning of a series that will expand as more flowers bloom and more ideas come to pass.

Please click the image below for information regarding an imaging workshop following the exhibition of Barbara Ellison's work

You may e-mail to sign up for this workshop or call (919)612-7277. Space will be limited to 8 people.


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