Friday, December 15, 2006

"Halcyon Days and Harleys: A Family Art Retrospective 1844-2006"

Please join me for a look back at the work that has influenced my own art and an exploration of what motivates an artstic expression.

The story begins with a letter and a poem written by William Lancaster Crocker in March of 1844. He is the gentleman in the top-hat.

He finishes his letter this way...

I am with great truth, not withstanding this unpolished address, your sincere and affectionate love.

William L Crocker

A thousand objects claim my mind,
And each one shares a part,
But next to heaven I give to thee,
The fullness of my heart.


Anonymous Lisa Milner said...

Dear Stan,

My name is Lisa Milner. I am Karen Freeman's sister and William Lancaster Crocker's great-great granddaughter. She has sent your web site to me with your current show and I am so delighted to see what I can of it online. Karen shared the poem about your grandmother's quilt some years ago and it is a treasure to see it. If you have a regular email address I would like to send you a couple of family photos you may not have. I would also love to have a copy of the letter William wrote, if you wouldn't mind. I really admire what you are doing. Best of luck and hope to hear from you. Regards, Lisa My email is

11:49 AM  

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